In this program, students travel around Singapore and Malaysia exploring the food and nutrition industry covering production through to regulation and consumption. The program explores how these two countries feed themselves (and some neighbors), the Malaysian government’s focus on creating a biotech hub to support the manufacturing industry, and the issue of Halal certification.

Students meet with organisations across government and industry involved in not only production and manufacture, but also policy and quality control. Previous highlights in Singapore have included visits to Alexandria Hospital, the Singapore Health Promotion Board, and the Sports Institute in Singapore where they looked at the evolving diets of Asian sports people in a competitive world. They also visited NEWwater to learn how this small island nation manages its water supply. Malaysian industry visits have included Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia’s pre-eminent agriculture university, the Guinness Anchor Factory where many favored beverages are produced, and a day trip to rural Kuala Selangor, where not only do students meet their first monkeys, they also learn about rice padi, local products manufactured in small family enterprises, and explore the exotic delicacies of a local wet market.

In addition, students receive an orientation into local history, culture, politics and social structure, all the while understanding Malaysia’s obsession with food!