Thailand - The land of smiles!

Thailand matters – not only is one of the most popular tourist destinations in SE Asia, it is the second largest economy, and Australia’s 6th largest two-way trading partner.

What differentiates Thailand from other ASEAN nations is its sheer size, with a population approximately 70million.

Thailand is an upper middle-income country which offers an attractive business environment, and is a regional and global manufacturing hub for vehicles, automotive components, consumer electronics, and processed food and beverages. It is also a leading exporter of agricultural commodities (particularly rice, palm oil, rubber, sugar and seafood).

Bangkok continues also to lead the world in being the top destination city, surpassing London, Paris, Dubai and Singapore with 37 million visitors in 2017 (Source: Mastercard Destination Cities Index 2017).

The government of Thailand has announced a “Thailand 4.0” development plan to encourage investment into a value-based, digital, innovation-driven and services-based economy. Australia is well-positioned to participate in Thailand’s economic transformation, especially within the government’s ten targeted industries including automotive, electronics, high-value tourism and medical tourism, efficient agriculture, food innovation, automation and robotics, aerospace, bio-enegy and bio-chemicals, digital and medical and healthcare.

The time has never been better to immerse yourself in Thai culture, and engage with businesses in the important trading partner, through an international education experience.



November  - February

Internships available in any discipline, with a particular demand for Tourism and Hospitality. Students can take advantage of any number of opportunities, some with Australia Thailand Chamber of Commerce members.

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Industry Placements

Intern in Thailand's largest private company and one of world's largest conglomerates, and the Thai licensee for 7-Eleven stores in Thailand, which now number more than 10,000. Students can undertake internships in any discipline but particular areas of focus are on agribusiness and food, retail and distribution, and the telecommunications industries.


Short Term Mobility Program

Thailand’s most internationally recognized university is seeking increased engagement with Australian universities for internships, short term study programs and volunteer experiences, and covers almost every discipline. Programs are developed to provide engagement with local students, include a dedicated mentor or supervisor, and offer a range of cultural activities. With the main campus located outside of central Bangkok, it has ready access to the industrial district for internships, and to rural communities for community engagement programs.

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GEP Bangkok

This flagship program which was started in partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Education and the Australian Government has now been expanded in to Bangkok. 

Pre-Service teachers (PST's) from Australia complete their teaching rounds in a local school, while learning from PST's from other institutions and their academics. Hugely successful in Malaysia it is hoped that this replication into Thailand proves just as successful for teaching students looking to value add to their teaching rounds. Designed to assist the teaching students to broaden their learning from other teaching methods while providing a cultural experience.