January 2019 @ TGS

How we spent January at The Global Student


Message from the Director

It's too late for a Happy New Year, but we can say – Gong Xi Fa Cai! – as next week we celebrate Chinese New Year. This provides a rather long break for some of our interns, who can not only experience the cultural festivities, but can take the opportunity to do some local travel.

Our January internship arrivals are now halfway through their program, with many having been visited by their academic coordinators in the past week, and are reporting excellent experiences at their workplaces, terrific engagement with students from their own and other Aussie universities, and also sharing many cultural, social and travel opportunities. TGS is lucky to be sharing Nicole from Latrobe with the Malaysian Australia Business Council as we prepare for a number of events in the coming months.

By the middle of February we will have farewelled the majority, with a few of the really engaged staying on for the maximum 12 weeks available under the visa entry. The students on 6 week programs are already feeding back that it's too short, particularly since there are a number of public holidays, but also because they cannot see a project to the end of its course. Also, it only gives them 4 weekends to really explore KL, which might seem enough but if you add in the TGS programs, and work activities or social invites from colleagues, it starts to get a bit rushed.

We also have our fabulous pre-service teachers in two locations this year – Kuching, Sarawak for the first time – who are all having an amazing impact on the children in local schools. Not to mention the cultural and recreational activities the PST's themselves have enjoyed – the entire cohort in KL have attended a Malay wedding, and the Kuching cohort are staying behind an extra day in order to do the same! MH = Malaysian Hospitality!

By this time next month I will be preparing for my annual beach holiday (😊), but until then we are flat out preparing for mid-year program, NCP bids, information sessions for potential hosts, the April Mobility fairs and the APAIE conference in KL. For those of you coming to KL, please join us for the TGS pre-conference networking, and if you are not, please allow us to invite any of your colleagues that may be attending. We would like to introduce the people who help us make it work for your students in KL!

So until next month, stay hydrated in this incredibly hot weather, and for those who celebrate, we wish you a prosperous and healthy Year Of the Pig!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Pre - Conference Catch up Drinks

If you are joining us in KL for APAIE in March, we welcome you to our TGS networking and casual drinks with local program partners, government officials and internship hosts. We welcome TGS Partners (and potential partners 😊) for drinks and snacks at Havana Bar and Grill on Changkit Bukit Bintang. Monday March 26 from 5 until 8 pm.

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GEP Making an Impact in Kuching

Kuching, located in East Malaysia on the Island of Borneo really is a world away from the bright lights of KL. With a population of 'only' 300,000 it certainly provides a different setting for our latest group of Pre-Service teachers from Swinburne University. This is the first time the GEP has landed in the city of cats, which provides a contrast to the local schools in KL. With ongoing NCP funding for the next three years and further avenue for growth, keep an eye out for where the program heads next.

Learn more about the GEP here


Intern Reflections

Deakin Intern Riley O'Farrell recently completed her Internship at the Malaysian Australian Business Council, and as part of her closing reflection interviewed her fellow Interns for the organisation's By-Line magazine. 
'The opportunity to live, work and learn in a culture completely different to my own is not something that everybody gets to do, and I am extremely grateful for this experience. Interning in Malaysia has enabled me to really push the boundaries of my comfort zone and put myself out there into a completely new environment and essentially has given me a new-found confidence in myself.'

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Putting yourself out there, and making new friends. 

Current UNSW Intern Lance Chan (Bachelor of Advanced Science), who is a Rover Scout back home, did a little research and reached out to meet up with a local Scout Troop. The results were more than he could have ever imagined, and is a lesson for all future students and interns!

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Eddie Woo comes to town!

Last week a lucky group of Pre-Service teachers spent a night at the Australian High Commission listening to and learning from Maths guru, Eddie Woo. 
Congratulations also to PST Brooke from Deakin who won the maths competition on the night!