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Message from the Director

And here we are, halfway through the year already! Good grief, will there ever be enough time to do everything? All those students who think 6 weeks is a long time need to step into my shoes for a week and see how fast time slips by 😊

In Malaysia, June saw the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan, with the festival of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the time when Muslims end their fasting and embark on a month of feasting and visiting, and more feasting! It’s not for the faint-hearted, and visits to open houses need to be carefully scheduled between bouts of exercise! It’s also a wonderful time to be in KL because everybody has “balik Kampung” – gone home to their village for the celebrations, and the city is quiet and roads empty. It’s a lovely time for students to be in town, but also challenging trying to pull programs together with so many people on leave and schools closed. In 2019, Ramadan finishes on June 3 which should make it easier for program start dates during the Aussie winter break.

Meanwhile, RMIT Criminal Justice, Globalization and Human Rights have had an amazing time, particularly with the government undergoing so much change. The students from Deakin’s Team internship, a project based short term program for business students, are half way their experience, while the Deakin Volunteers at Volunteer Vietnam have a further week to enjoy their experience working with the disadvantaged people of Da Nang.  This weekend we welcome the Global Education Practicum pre-service Teachers from Monash and Latrobe, the twelfth iteration of this particular program! And in addition to our program work, we are also developing two student mobility workshops for the Australian High Commission in KL and Kuching for mid July.

In spite of all of this I still managed a quick trip to the US  for the Global Internship Conference, leaving the team to prepare for all the incoming groups, which they have managed superbly, receiving accolades from accompanying academics. I am very grateful that our small team continues to grow and take on increased responsibility which allows me to focus on the new developments.

Wishing you all a mild winter – July is the reason I live in KL! 😊



Law internships - Imagine the possibilities!


This year The Global Student is excited to have two programs in development with Law faculties, along with a number of International Studies/Law students taking the plunge as individuals in order to challenge themselves and their sometimes pre-conceived notions of how the law woks or is interpreted outside of Australia.  Law is obviously jurisdictional, and for undergraduates studying law, often heavily domestic in nature (possibly similar in other disciplinary fields requiring accreditation towards a profession), and the opportunity to broaden horizons and gain an international perspective should be just one reason to consider an international experience.

Full Story!

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MABC Internship program

We are thrilled to announce that we will be teaming up with companies represented in the Malaysia - Australia Business Council to give students the chance to intern at companies that work across the two nations. 
Internships will include mentoring by chamber members, exclusive entry to events at the Australian High Commission and invitations to meetings with the chairman. 
Students from all institutions, across all disciplines are invited to be involved in the program which runs for a minimum of 8 weeks. Get in touch today to find out how your University can be involved!



Global Internship conference wrap up

This year the conference was held in the amazing city of Detroit, once declared bankrupt, and now very much on its way back. A city of incredibly proud people, with a vibrant spirit of community and every one working for a common cause. An apt setting for the conference, which is celebrated as “a meeting of friends” , and which provides the most collegial atmosphere of knowledge sharing and networking, more than any other conference I have attended. I was pleased to find it hadn’t changed from my last attendance in 2014, however disappointing to see so few Aussies taking advantage of the opportunity to learn from and engage with those who have been working in the internships and industry engagement areas for decades – we were almost outnumbered by the kiwis!  This year delegates received a copy of the conference book developed by Kate Moore and Brett Berquist, which is a consolidation of papers and presentations form previous conferences, and a very useful read. You can get your own copy here.
The conference next year will be held in Auckland, and for those working in the field of WIL, internships, practicums, IBL or whatever your university calls them, it really is a worthwhile opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners how to develop, deliver, assess and evaluate these experiences. See you in Auckland!

RMIT Criminal Justice, Globalization and Human Rights

What a time to be in the “new” Malaysia - visiting the courts, hearing from the Bar Council experts, visiting the National University, discussion with NGO’s involved in lobbying, care and protection of the disadvantaged and human rights watchdogs, and briefings from the Australian High Commission staff that are involved in diplomacy and security! Two weeks having perceptions challenged and forming new understandings of governance in a developing country. Of course it’s not all work – there is much  Malaysian food to be enjoyed, temples and mosques to visit, gardens and historical sites to visit, and of course the occasional foray into local nightlife. The weather has been unseasonably wet, providing some relief from the usual heat at this time of year, however the incessant torrential rain on the weekend forced the abandonment of a the group’s trip to the historical town of Melaka. The group has also been given an education via the local press who have been keeping a watchful eye on the investigation into former political leaders, which may in fact lead to prosecution, and a number of cases of past injustice may be reopened under the new government’s leadership. The political situation has taken this program to the next level!


From tourers to interns: Deakin Uni’s new-look program - Bronwyn Kirby

A new team internship program in Kuala Lumpur will be launched this year by Deakin University.  

The Malaysian ‘team internship’ is an exciting new direction in work integrated learning for Deakin University’s Faculty of Arts and Education, and builds on contacts made on previous annual study tours to Malaysia from 2013 to 2016 which were facilitated by The Global Student.

Select Deakin University Communication students will be offered eight-week fulltime internship placements in Kuala Lumpur, supported during that time by The Global Student.

Program coordinator and Deakin academic Bronwyn Kirby said this was an amazing opportunity for the students,

“Our students will live independently in KL, and will work in professional communication-oriented workplaces for eight weeks.”

The past study tours enabled students to develop an understanding of the diversity of workplaces and roles available to professional communicators in Malaysia. The 2016 study tour integrated five-day ‘mini’ internships where students embraced the opportunity to get involved with real work in real workplaces, at the same time strategically adding to their resume for future employment. Deakin staff recognised the benefits of these placements and wanted to build on the experience by offering longer-term internships.

“This is an immersive program that will foster cross-cultural experience and understanding. Luckily we already had great relationships with many of the host organisations through our past study tours, so this new direction is a natural development,” stated Bronwyn.

The new immersive internship program in Kuala Lumpur has capitalised on connections made with organisations through the study tours. These links will be used to ensure students are well prepared for the experience and understand both the industry they are entering and the culture of Malaysia.

Host organisations for the program range from multi-nationals to small independent agencies through to government bodies, international consultancies and major corporates. Bronwyn stated, “We feel so lucky to have those existing links and know our students will have really meaningful experiences with these hosts.”

Bronwyn Kirby is a Public Relations Lecturer from Deakin University and a long time friend and partner of The Global Student


2018 Conferences

IEAA August 23-24, Perth
EAIE  September 11-14, Geneva (pictured)
AIEC October 9-12 Sydney
ISANA - December 4-7 Sydney

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