Internship and Hosting Newsletter v1 2017


Welcome to the first edition of The Global Student Internship newsletter. This quarterly newsletter is being sent to you because you or your company has expressed interest in Australian interns in the past.

As you are aware, TGS works with Australian universities to provide international internship opportunities for their students, currently in Malaysia and soon also in Vietnam.  The newsletter aims to provide information to potential hosts in relation to upcoming opportunities with specific universities and for particular discipline areas or industries.

With the encouragement of the Australian Government who provides funding for overseas learning experiences including internships, demand for international internships has increased dramatically over the past 6 months leading to the need for TGS to expand its database both in terms of numbers of companies and to diversify the opportunities across a broader range of disciplines.

In April, TGS held our first internship forum at the Istana Hotel in KL where potential hosts heard from existing hosts about their motivations for hosting Australian students, the programs they offer to provide a bonafide learning experience, and the resultant benefits to their companies. The program concluded with the Director, Jan Drew, explaining the processes and procedures for becoming an internship host. The forum provided an opportunity to distribute information about the program and the processes, and provoke discussion among existing and potential hosts.

We thank those who were able to attend and expressed interest in hosting Aussie students, and for those who were not able to make it, we hope you might join our next forum. In the meantime, if you would like more information, please get in touch via the details below, and if you are aware of other companies who might benefit from hosting an Australian university student, please share this newsletter.

A further initiative will be to provide information sessions for professional organisations (eg engineering, architecture, health), chambers of commerce and industry, and Australian university alumni associations. Please contact us should your organization be keen to host an info session or provide opportunity to address a networking evening.


Hosting Opportunities 2017

Now that the busy mid year period is behind us, we are now looking to explore placements for the end of year intake. It is anticipated this year we will see around 80 students take part in Internships, which means we are beggining to accept expressions of Interest from companies. The following is a snapshot of some of the arriving programs. 

•Deakin University – Media and Communication, Performing Arts, Business, Engineering

•The University of Melbourne – engineering, biotech

•Queensland University of Technology – ICT and Engineering

•Macquarie – Business, Media and Communications

•Swinburne – all disciplines

•Latrobe  - Accounting, Law and Tourism and Hospitality

•UNSW – Science, Biotech

•Victoria Polytechnic – community development

Should you be interested in any of these specific programs, or have contacts in any of these discipline areas, please share or get in touch.

We would also be interested to hear from the alumni associations of these universities who might assist in hosting students from their Alma Mater.


Rhys Driver_Sheffield Executive.jpg

Interns in Focus
Rhys Driver - Sheffield Executive

Rhys Driver recetly completed an Internship at HR firm Sheffield Executive. 

I always thought that undertaking an international exchange program or internship would be very expensive, so I never considered it. Thanks to OS-HELP, a government initiative to help students finance their programs, it was much easier than I thought. I looked at different options on the website and the program that stood out to me was an internship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The skills I learnt linked well to the theoretical knowledge I am learning in my university degree, making the experience very interesting!

Before I knew it, I was saying my good byes, with my brain full of new knowledge, new friends from Australia and Malaysia and memories which I will cherish for a life time.

My advice for anyone considering the trip is simply; forget about the money, the experience you gain is invaluable and will be worth every cent once you are back!


Visa Requirements for Students

Under an agreement with the Malaysian Dept of Immigration, Australian Students can undertake Internship programs in Malaysia on a Social Visit Pass (SVP) recieved on arrival. The SVP is valid for up to 90 days. Any Internship that is longer than 90 days, the student will need a Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

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