Internship and Hosting Newsletter v2 2017

Australian Internship Quarterly
2nd Edition


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Message from the Director

Since our internship forum in April, we have been pleased with the number of referrals and expressions of interest from new hosts. It is pleasing that so many companies see the benefit not only for the students they are willing to host, but for their own staff. As the number of interns is set to increase under the New Colombo Plan funding, we are continually adding to our database.

Our recent mid-year intake saw 19 students from 5 different universities hosted by 13 companies across a diversity of industries. In addition to the work they undertook, these interns experienced the wonders of Malaysian hospitality during the Raya period, attended an MABC networking event, had a talk delivered by the Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia, were invited to the Thai Embassy’s 60 year anniversary gala, and engaged with local alumni from their respective universities. A number of the interns were fortunate enough to travel to JB, Penang and Langkawi on business trips, while others made the most of the weekends to explore beyond KL.

Interns faced the challenges of adjusting to the heat, negotiating new working cultures and modes of transport, (some while keeping up with ongoing studies) in order to complete this life-changing academic experience. We are extremely grateful to those hosts who have gone out of their way to welcome the interns into their companies and provide these opportunities, including mentoring and extra curricular activities. We look forward to working with these, and with new hosts, in the future.

Upcoming programs requiring hosts

University of Melbourne Engineering

Disciplines include Civil, IT, Mechanical, Mechatronic and Biochemical. 10 weeks duration. 

November 22nd - February 3

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UNSW Science

Chemistry, Maths, Biotechnology, Vision Science, 

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Project Based Team Internship

Students work in a team of 4 to complete solve a business problem or tasked that is of benefit to the host companies. Previous examples include marketing plans, business plans and social media implementation

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 Hosting Opportunities 2017

The end of year period is our busiest for the year and we are forecasting one of the largest intakes of students this year, with an estimated 80 arrivals. Demand for Internships is running very high and we are now taking EOI's from host ompanies.

•Deakin University – Media and Communication, Performing Arts, Business, Engineering

•Queensland University of Technology – ICT and Engineering

•Macquarie – Business, Media and Communications

•Swinburne – all disciplines

•Latrobe  - Accounting, Law and Tourism and Hospitality

•Victoria Polytechnic – community development

Should you be interested in any of these specific programs, or have contacts in any of these discipline areas, please share or get in touch.

We would also be interested to hear from the alumni associations of these universities who might assist in hosting students from their Alma Mater.



Interns in Focus
Grace Simpson - The Global Student

Grace Simpson recently completed her internship in our office here at The Global Student

Looking back on my time here I can see how I have become a more confident person. I think this is due to having met so many people here who are successful in their own fields that are willing to take a chance on young people like myself. I also think that during my time here I have been able to think in new directions, something that might have come to me later in life but I’m happy that I have started to think differently now. I have also come to realise that the work The Global Student does is incredibly valuable and the experiences they offer would probably be what most university students remember the most and get the most out of during their education.  This experience has certainly taught me more than I could have hoped for. Meeting the Cuban Ambassador to Malaysia was probably my favourite experience, I think it was a once in a life time kind of event. It was closely followed by eating at 2 Buka Puasas and my trip to Melaka. My internship was jam packed with amazing experiences and opportunities like these.

I am also incredibly thankful for the team at The Global Student for welcoming me in to the team and teaching me how to work as part of their team. I will remember this experience forever and I couldn’t have asked for better people to be surrounded by during my time here.

Visa Requirements for Students

Under an agreement with the Malaysian Dept of Immigration, Australian Students can undertake Internship programs in Malaysia on a Social Visit Pass (SVP) recieved on arrival. The SVP is valid for up to 90 days. Any Internship that is longer than 90 days, the student will need a Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

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