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Australian Internship Quarterly - 3rd Edition

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Message from the Director

As 2017 draws to an end, we are busy preparing to welcome our interns from Australian universities arriving to undertake an immersive experience in a variety of companies and industries over the Australian summer break. These students are investing in themselves in order to add to their university studies and prepare for their entry into the workforce. We thank all our amazing hosts who put up their hands to provide a life-changing experience for these young students.

 In order to value add to the student experience, TGS provides opportunities for students to enhance their experience through talks from business leaders or diplomats, industry discussions  and networking evenings including with the Malaysia Australia Business Council. We would love to hear from any industry or professional groups who might extend an invitation to events that might be of interest to the students.

I have recently returned from three weeks of meetings across Australia to discuss opportunities for 2018 with universities successful in obtaining New Colombo Plan funding for internships. We will require many more internship hosts in 2018 across a wider range of disciplines and industries (see below). We have also been in talks with US and UK organisations who are keen to send students to Malaysia during the Northern summer break (May – July).

 In addition to the traditional 8-12 week work placements, there is an interest form universities for students to undertake team project –based internships, particularly in the science fields, so should you have a project sitting on the to-do list that a group of students might be able to get a reasonable chunk of the work done for you, please get in touch.


Have you updated you details yet?

As we prepare to tackle the busy end of year period we are currently working to consolidate host information and re-engage leads. If you have not filled out the update form, please do so now to ensure that we keep you in the loop!
We are aniticipating some 110 Interns for the end of year period so make sure your preferences are up to date!

Update now!!

 Hosting Opportunities 2017/2018

After some very strong meetings in Australia in October we are currently planning for a range of programs and Internships, many to include new areas and disciplines

•       Deakin University – Public Relations and Communications

•       Queensland University of Technology – ICT and Engineering

•       Monash University - Sustainable Tourism,  Science (advanced – team and project based)– International Business

•       Swinburne University – business all disciplines

•       Latrobe  University - Legal studies and Criminology, Tourism and Hospitality, Event mgmt, Accounting

•       Victoria Polytechnic – community development

·        University of Newcastle – science including biotech, food science and maths

•       UNSW – sciences including human geography, climate systems science and materials science

•       RMIT – criminal Justice, legal studies, international studies including human rights, development studies

•       Innovative Research universities (IRU)  - Latrobe, Murdoch, Griffith, Flinders, James Cook, and Charles Darwin – multi disciplinary

•       Association  of Technical Universities (ATN) – RMIT, Curtin, QUT, UTS and UniSA – criminal justice and legal studies

Should you be interested in any of these specific programs, or have contacts in any of these discipline areas, please share or get in touch.

We would also be interested to hear from the alumni associations of these universities who might assist in hosting students from their Alma Mater.


Interns in Focus
Gerard Alferez - Tele-Me


My time in KL as a marketing intern was a once in a lifetime experience. My internship in the booming tech-startup scene allowed me to understand how concepts learnt at university are applied in the "real world". It was not only fun to explore the possibility of an international career (by immersing myself into full time work in a completely different setting), but to also gain valuable experience behind the triumphs and challenges that came with moving a new innovation into a new market.

Exploring Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Penang on the weekends was so much fun! Whether it was learning about Malaysia's history by walking heritage listed city streets, or exploring KL’s gigantic modern malls, experiencing Malaysian culture is something I am now missing back home in Melbourne.

Perhaps the best part of the experience was the many friendships I got to make abroad, from both my workplace and the group of other interns at The Global Student. Not only were friends integral to surviving the hardships that comes with living abroad, but they are now also people I will have in my life for many years

to come. For anyone considering an internship abroad, I say just do it! Getting yourself out there not only will advance your potential job prospects, but you also get to learn about yourself as a person and a global citizen.

Accounting Hosts Needed! January 2018

We are currently seeking hosts for Accounting Interns from La Trobe University in Victoria for January 2018. Please get in touch urgently if you are interested in hosting a high calibre Accounting Student for a 6 week period!

Reply to this email and contact to register your interest!

Visa Requirements for Students

Under an agreement with the Malaysian Dept of Immigration, Australian Students can undertake Internship programs in Malaysia on a Social Visit Pass (SVP) recieved on arrival. The SVP is valid for up to 90 days. Any Internship that is longer than 90 days, the student will need a Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

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