January 2018 at The Global Student


How we spent January at The Global Student

Message from the Director

A busy January makes an enjoyable Christmas at home in Australia seem like a lifetime ago! Engineering Interns from Deakin and University of Melbourne completed fruitful placements (Uni Melb are in their last fortnight), as well as our current crop of Accounting Interns from La Trobe Uni.

The Global Education Practicum of pre-service teachers underwent a major expansion this time round with groups in Kota Kinabalu and Bangkok, as well as Kuala Lumpur. This program really is a testament to the collegiality of the staff from Universities involved and continues to go from strength to strength, especially after securing its future as a consortium through the New Colombo Plan.

We now look to the rest of the year as we start to promote the huge new range of programs for 2018 including a Global Studies internship program for RMIT which will focus on the range of NGO’s here in KL, as well as a Music and performing arts program. Our volunteer programs are also set to be expanded with new offerings in Vietnam and Malaysia, keep these in mind, especially as you begin to submit your proposals for the next round of New Colombo funding (Hint. Hint)

The last week has been great to catch up and spend time with my old friend, and Deakin Alum, Chyloe Kurdas who has developed an organisation aimed at empowering young people through travel. We are exploring opportunities for working with Own Journey and have had some very fruitful meetings with staff from programs in country and local organisations keen to engage her services and expertise.

We will begin to promote our new programs in the coming weeks, and to liaise with staff from proposed programs to ensure marketing materials are ready for the semester start, so please make a time to chat if we haven’t already.

Also getting in early, but Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone as we enter the year of the dog.



Interning at myHSR-
One of Malaysia's largest ever infrastructure projects

Sabreen MyHSR.jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Sabreen, and I’m from Perth, Western Australia. I am in my final year of my double major in Environmental Management and International Development from Murdoch University. I am currently interning with Malaysia High Speed Rail Corp (MyHSR) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. MyHSR is a private corporation responsible for planning, executing and operating the Kuala Lumpur- Singapore high speed rail (KL-SG HSR). Specifically within MyHSR, I am interning with the Cities Transformation Programme team (CTP team).

The CTP team is responsible for facilitating, collaborating and supporting projects and strategies that accelerate economic and social growth of cities long along the high-speed rail line. Currently, I am assisting with researching and writing a scoping study on the viability of different public transportation modes to link HSR stations to cities. I am also helping to organise a workshop in Johor Bahru on low carbon cities that MyHSR will host for local authorities. In addition to these tasks, I often type up minutes for meetings and also help write up emails for colleagues if senior staff are running short on time.

Interning with MyHSR so far has been an absolutely incredible experience. I am learning about how to engage with environmental consultants; to conduct research and summarise key learnings from global case studies that can provide useful lessons for KL-SG HSR; and also learning about future trends and technologies in the field of transport planning to accommodate future urban growth. The highlight of interning with MyHSR is being able to help in envisioning the future of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. Ultimately, large- scale transport projects like KL-SG HSR is much less to do with the actual high-speed train, and more to do with creating a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive Malaysia for all. It’s incredibly humbling to have a role (however small it may be) to help execute this vision with my team.

Sabreen is pictured above with her colleagues from myHSR (4th from the left)


Bumper New Programs in 2018!

La Trobe acct and CIS.JPG

TGS is super excited to offer a whole new range of programs in 2018 on the back of growing interest areas. During the coming year we are looking forward to

·        Music and Performing Arts

·        International and Global Studies (RMIT)

·        An expansion of our team Internships into East Malaysia

·        GEP expansion into East Malaysia to Kuching, Sarawak

·        Biotech and food science study tour

·        New internships in tourism and hospitality

·        Volunteer projects in Sabah (Malaysia), Da Nang (Vietnam) and Bangkok (Thailand)

We love a challenge and have local companies belting the door down for a wide range of Internships, so be sure to get in  contact to start the ball rolling on a program that will inspire your students!


ASEAN Australian Education Dialogue

Australia is a valued ASEAN +6 partner country alongside Japan, China, India, New Zealand and South Korea. The Dialogue will strengthen current links and relations between Australia and ASEAN and establish new ones. Key sectors are Schools, English Language, Vocational and Skills Training, Digital Education and Higher Education.

 The ASEAN-Australian Education Dialogue will connect thought leaders, key officials and practitioners in education from ASEAN countries and Australia. The delegates will discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities for the future of regional and global engagement in education.

Anyone interested in attending be sure to register via the link below
Click Here to Register!
Check it out!



2018 Conferences

ASEAN Australia Education Dialogue,  21 - 23 March, Penang
APAIE Singapore 25 - 29 March
Going Global 2-4 May 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
 Global Internship Conference June 12 - 15 Detroit, Michigan
NAFSA May 27 - June 1 Philidelphia