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Whether you are faculty, careers office or mobility staff with responsibility for internships, practicums, fieldwork or WIL, TGS can develop a bonafide cross cultural experience that will challenge and inspire your students.

At TGS, we support students throughout their experience to ensure a smooth transition to the culture, climate and culinary delights, and to help them recognise that challenges are learning opportunities. Students also have access to business networking evenings, discussions at the Australian High Commission where available, and professional industry group events.

If it 's a team internship you are after, TGS has almost ten years experience in providing small group, project-based business internships that allow students to provide a solution or achieve an outcome that a company can implement.

Got an idea for a program and not sure how to get it off the ground?

Get in touch now! We love a challenge.


What we cover


  • Secure accommodation in shared apartments
  • In country support
  • Pre-Departure and Orientation
  • Placements/ practicums / fieldwork/ internships in pre-approved companies or organisations
  • Meetings with industry and government heads
  • Networking and industry events, where available
  • 24 hour in country support
  • A sound Risk Managment policy


The collaboration between La Trobe University and PACOS Trust has been fostered by the work of The Global Student.  As Jan and her team have contextual knowledge and experience of Sabah, they are integral in the preparation and organisation of the program that focuses on improving health outcomes of indigenous communities. The coordination of the logistical elements that are needed to ensure appropriate accommodation; field work and cultural immersion opportunities is done is in such a positive, proactive way that it makes it easy for the university to concentrate on the academic responsibilities associated with internationalisation of curriculum. 

— Colleen McArthy, La Trobe University

‘The Global Student have been engaged with our programs for a number of years. We use Jan to support study tours in the region, as well as sourcing internships. Jan and Teena are professional and caring, ensuring that student’s experiences are academically and culturally relevant. Knowing that Jan is coordinating our in-country activities assists us with resourcing and provides peace of mind.’

Brianna Watt - Manager, Global Student Mobility, Deakin Abroad

"Can I just say a huge thank you. This study tour (adventure) was everything we wanted it to be for our students and for their personal development and growth.  The brief we gave you was complex, wide ranging and required the involvement of many stakeholders (An unfortunate consequence of working in the broad field of environment).  You were able to see this brief through, engage numerous partners and somehow pull all of this together into a highly engaging, and academically challenging programme.  We could not have done this without your amazing work and the network of people you were able to link up for us.  I still struggle to comprehend the amount of work that must have gone on in the background to make this the smooth trip that it was" 

Dr John White, Associate Dean (Development)Faculty of Science Engineering & Built Environment Deakin University