The Global Student Internship

Looking for a CV boosting experience as well as an opportunity to drag yourself out of your comfort zone?

Malaysia is a great choice and is a ‘soft’ landing into Asia, boasting a thriving economy and bustling business culture and strong political and corporate ties to Australia.

English is a widely-spoken language and the city of Kuala Lumpur is home to some of the world’s largest companies across dozens of industries.

Outside of business hours it is a cosmopolitan city with exciting nightlife, a growing arts scene and arguably most dynamic and well known food cultures on earth.

Group enquiries:

For university staff (Faculty, Career centres or Internship coordinators) seeking information, please feel free to contact us at


What TGS does for students

Through careful planning with our partners we work with industry to hand pick top quality and immersive Internships for students across a range of industries and academic disciplines.

We also arrange your secure accommodation in apartments, located in proximity to your workplace as well as public transport for ease of movement.

Outside of work we provide opportunities to students for cultural immersion as well as invitations to corporate events and networking dinners where students get the chance to meet influential business people as well as key figures in the Asia pacific region.

Student enquiries:

For individual student applications, TGS partners with two reputable internship providers in Australia. CIS Australia and International Internships take care of your application and administrative requirements before TGS takes over to welcome you to Malaysia. To find out more about our partners and their services click the respective logos.


Do internships pay?
Although rare, some companies offer an allowance, however we want you to focus on the experience, rather than financial reward

What's the duration?
Internships with companies start at a minimum of 6 week with many preferring 10-12 weeks. 

Can I plan holidays?
Extended travel after your internship is always a great idea, however you will not be given leave during your internship for travel. You are free to explore the region on your weekends. 

Am I insured?
Please check with you home University about what you are covered for during your Internship, and whether it covers you for travel outside of your host city. 



Raphaelle Meikle-Stewart

“This was an absolutely amazing opportunity; I cannot speak highly enough of how I feel I have personally gained from this experience, and how much I wish I could have stayed longer to contribute back further to these amazing people.”

Bachelor of International Studies & Law
Deakin University

Andrew Keeghan

“I asked myself what I could do in the following months to make myself stand above the rest of my peers as we approached the end of our degree... I enjoyed the fact that the world has opened up so much for me in the space of just a few weeks. And who knows what that means in the future.”

Deakin University

Simon Liu

“Work aside, my immersion into Malaysia extended beyond the office with trips to Penang, Malacca and Johor Bahru wherein I discovered each state's unique history and development. The layers of Malay, Chinese and Indian culture have really shown me an older and more heterogeneous multiculturalism to that of a comparatively younger Australia... - it was eye opening to say the least, that I had experienced a truly multicultural working environment.”

Bachelor of Economics/Law
Australia National University

Select host companies for your internship

TGS has carefully handpicked and interviewed this selection of internship host companies