Group Internships

Let TGS develop a CV-expanding work experience for students from a range of academic disciplines!

The group Internship is a great way for first time travellers to complete an internship while being supported by their peers and more travelled students who relish the chance to assist with travel tips and moral support

Group Internships also allow a program of industry visits and alumni networking events to deepen the engagement and understanding of their chosen field.

With an ever-expanding database of more than 50 host organisations, opportunities are available with MNC’s, SME’s, and NGO’s. Host companies are sourced via local alumni chapters, professional organisations and business chambers such as the Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC), and the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MICCI).

TGS develops the entire program from host-matching or sourcing new hosts, with all the services provided in other short term-programs, such as in-country logistics, accommodation, events, follow- up meetings during the program and 24-hour emergency support.

Can’t see the discipline you are looking for? Get in touch and let’s start working together!

Team and project based internships

These are exciting and substantiative project-based group internships that allow your best students to experience a cross cultural, inter-disciplinary team based program. Students work as a consulting team in small groups on projects of interest and of use to the host. This popular program has been very successful with many companies participating multiple times. Project possibilities include feasibility studies, small business analysis, market research, or some other project that offers a real-time work experience with valued outcomes.

Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) Internships

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