The recent historical elections where the ruling party was ousted after 61 years, and replaced by a non-race based coalition of parties intern on referring the nation, provides the perfect opportunity for students of international relations; international politics, policy and lobbying; criminal justice and humanitarian law; and community development.

There has never been a better time to be in Malaysia as this developing nation, led by its 92 year old former Prime Minister, sets about to:

·        remove race-based politics

·        restructure government to ensure transparency and fight corruption

·        streamline the number of ministries and government organisations

·        remove restrictions on the press and freedom of speech

·        investigate a number of cases of fraud, including a major case involving the former PM

·        review “security” laws that have the power to imprison people on political grounds

Local NGO’s are actively involved and have roles as “watchdogs” while the new coalition makes the transfer of power, and would welcome interns keen on understanding this democratic reformation and process of transformation.  An incredible learning opportunity awaits those keen really understanding the political process, the role of NGO’s in nation building, and how a moderate Muslim country can embrace democracy.


This Internship is able to be run in conjunction with the Criminal Justice Study tour