Malaysia is rapidly hurtling towards 1st world status - designer brands, luxury malls and high end business. However look beneath the surface and you will find many third world issues. Media censorship, poverty and a strict bureaucratic Government. So how does it all work so well?
An internship in the communications industry will provide an immersion not available in Australia. 

  • The Malaysian media and PR industry, surrounded by Asian consumerism and the demand for increased brand presence, faces challenges not always evident in Australia. The industry is extremely competitive and in an age of information overload it is crucial that messages break through.
  • There has never been a more exciting time to discover what makes Malaysians tick! How do they compare and differ with Australian consumer markets? Asian contexts around consumerism and early adoption provide an interesting focus for students especially in firms working in the technology sector. 
  • Government restrictions on freedom of the press provide a political element, especially for news outlets and companies working to promote free speech, and who rely heavily on street press and social media. Digital technology is paramount.

Give yourself an edge in one of the most globally borderless industries through an international internship that will challenge your knowledge and perceptions, open your eyes to new ways of thinking, and provide a solid foundation for for future employment.