This program provides an introduction to Communication Management in Asia, with students gaining an understanding of the similarities and differences to the PR and Journalism industry in Australia, with a focus on digital technology.

Students complete internships in the vibrant communications industry in Malaysia. The industry is extremely competitive and in an age of information overload it is crucial that messages break through.

Asian contexts around consumerism and early adoption are an interesting focus for students especially in firms working in the technology sector.

Government restrictions on freedom of the press provide a political element, especially for news outlets and companies working to promote free speech, and who rely heavily on street press and social media.

This program is customisable to students working under the entire communications umbrella including PR, marketing and journalism. opportunities also exist for media studies.

Students are exposed to a range of communication channels and organisations that provide a comparison and contrast to the workplace in Australia, and some programs have included a short work placement that has provided a wider view.