Refund Policy – Volunteer Vietnam


Should a participant withdraw from a program, the university or student must notify TGS in writing immediately. The cancellation will be effective upon receipt and acknowledgement of the written notification by TGS.


An individual participant who withdraws voluntarily from a TGS program will receive the following refund on program fees already paid:

  • If a student withdraws after paying the deposit and prior to May 17, the deposit will be forfeited.

  • If a student withdraws between May 17 (when total fees have been paid) and program commencement, TGS will refund fees* paid less a $500 cancellation penalty and the program deposit, only in exceptional circumstance supported by relevant documentation


Program deposits for most study and internship programs are $500 (some exceptions). Refer to your Program Offer letter or University Program Coordinator for your specific program deposit amount.


Note: *Accommodation deposits or full accommodation payments that have been made in advance are often non-refundable (and are in addition to the program deposits and cancellation penalties detailed above) within this time period, as these monies have already been applied to guarantee accommodation. Accommodation deposits and payments often fall under a separate refund policy, as accommodation providers may be separate companies external to the program venue.


  • If a student withdraws less than 30 days prior to program commencement, or following program commencement, no refund of program fees or deposit is applicable.

  • Any serious illness or incident that causes a student to withdraw must be documented by a registered Doctor and formal written notification sent to TGS for assessment. The assessment will be determined at the sole discretion of TGS and as such the recommendation by TGS of any refund is final. TGS aims to work fairly and within the best interests of the students and the partner programs.


A student can defer their TGS program for up to 12 months from the originally scheduled program start date. Fees will be updated for the new program date. Students can defer no more than twice within the same twelve month period. All fees paid will be credited to the student's TGS account and remain with TGS. In the event that a student does not undertake their deferred program within 12 months and / or defers twice and still does not undertake a program with TGS, the standard refund policy (as above) will be implemented.


Any event, group activity or trip organised as part of the program is non-refundable if the participant chooses not to attend or is not able to fully participate for any reason.